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About Kimbilio Camps

Discover the untamed beauty of the Serengeti - A Safari experience like no other

Our journey

A few years ago, while driving through the heart of the Serengeti, we were struck by the sheer number of vehicles crowding the landscape. We turned to each other and said, "This can't be the essence of a safari." The Serengeti is vast, with countless hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Determined to reclaim the true spirit of safari, we started our first camp in Lobo. Here, we found our first little gem. Off the beaten track, we experienced the magic of watching a leopard and her cub on the rocks, completely undisturbed. We observed a pride of lions for hours without encountering another tourist. We had recaptured the essence of safari. As our clients began to share in this unique experience, we recently expanded to a second location in Bologonja, maintaining our commitment to off-the-beaten-track safaris.

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Our mission

Our mission is simple: to let everyone experience what we so deeply love about the Serengeti and ensure that we can share this same pristine wilderness with our great-grandchildren. We believe in the power of the safari to connect people with nature, foster a deep appreciation for wildlife, and inspire a commitment to conservation. By offering intimate, unspoiled safari experiences, we aim to create lifelong memories and a lasting bond between our guests and the Serengeti.
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Sustainability and community

At our camps, we are dedicated to having no lasting impact on the environment. Our sustainable camps are fully powered by solar energy, including water heaters, fridges, and freezers. We have eliminated plastic from our lunchboxes, using only biodegradable materials. Every aspect of our operations is designed to minimize our ecological footprint, ensuring that the Serengeti remains as untouched and beautiful as it is today for future generations.

We are also committed to supporting the local community. We hire staff from the surrounding Maasai villages, providing employment opportunities and fostering local development. Additionally, we take interns from local schools to support further education and training for young people, helping to build a brighter future for the next generation. We are dedicated to protecting this extraordinary ecosystem and promoting sustainable tourism practices that benefit both the environment and the community.

Reviews from TripAdvisor

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The real safari experience
This was a great safari experience. The tents are in the middle of nowhere but have all the comfort you need with a great bed an even better shower.
The staf was very friendly and a lot of fun and they serve very good food.
Looking at the stars at night is an amazing experience
Kimbilio Serengeti Camp Reviews
Ms. Nameless
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Very good stay!
We had a very nice stay at Kimbilio.
The tents are very spacious, good beds. If you want to shower, let the staff know and they will make sure you have hot water.
Sleeping on the Serengeti with the sounds of the animals at night, very special.
The staff is super nice, helpful and interested.
The food is super tasty too!
Kimbilio Serengeti Camp Reviews
Ms. Nameless
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The real wild life experience with family
If you want to visit Serengeti away from the tourists, in a remote place and experience Africa in a genuine way, the Kimbilio Camp is the place to stay. My wife , myself and our 3 young children (8, 11 and 13) spent 3 nights in very comfortable tents and enjoyed ourselves very much. We had delicious breakfasts with a breathtaking view. Food was delicious not to mention the local red wine that was outstanding. The best part was having a drink after a safari day in front of our tent watching the sunset and animals pass by. We wish we could have stayed longer.
Kimbilio Serengeti Camp Reviews
Ms. Nameless
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