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Welcome to Kimbilio Serengeti Camp 📍Lobo

Experience the essence of safari at Lobo Camp, where authenticity meets adventure amidst the Serengeti's pristine wilderness. Our camp welcomes guests of all ages, ensuring families feel at home with dedicated facilities including a family tent accommodating up to 4 children.

Committed to preserving the environment, we minimize our footprint with sustainable practices. Each of our 10 guest tents features an ensuite bathroom with a flush toilet, wash basin, and shower with running water. Meals are a highlight of your stay, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner included, offering a diverse selection of African and Western dishes that cater to various dietary needs.

Stay connected with complimentary WiFi in the restaurant/ bar area while immersing yourself in the natural beauty and wildlife encounters that define the Serengeti. At Lobo Camp, every moment is crafted for an unforgettable safari experience.

Accommodation and guest tents

Our camp in Lobo Serengeti offers 10 spacious guest tents, each designed to immerse you in comfort and convenience amidst the Serengeti wilderness. We offer a variety of tent options including double, twin, triple, and family tents. Each spacious tent features comfortable beds, providing a cozy haven amidst the Serengeti wilderness. Each tent is equipped with an ensuite bathroom, including a flush toilet and sink. Immerse yourself in the authentic safari experience with our safari-style bucket showers, allowing you to refresh while connecting with nature. We provide towels and a selection of toiletries, including shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner, ensuring a truly indulgent stay. Every detail is considered to enhance your comfort and enjoyment during your safari adventure at our camp.

Restaurant & Meals

At Kimbilio Serengeti Camp, our dining revolves around our beautifully decorated 'mess tent', blending rustic charm with modern conveniences. Enjoy a hearty buffet breakfast and safari picnic lunchboxes for daytime adventures. Return for a hot lunch or savor a three-course dinner highlighting African and Western cuisines. We accommodate all dietary needs and prioritize exceptional customer service, ensuring a fulfilling dining experience amidst the serene wilderness.

Bar Lounge Kimbilio Serengeti Camp Lobo

Lounge & Bar

Adjacent to our restaurant, our lounge and bar tent provides a comfortable setting to unwind with a drink, whether it's savoring one of our Tanzania-produced wines or enjoying a refreshing G&T. Families can also gather here to play board games or cards, making it a perfect space for relaxation and camaraderie. Relax and recount your day's adventures in this inviting space designed for families to enjoy while soaking in the spectacular views of the Serengeti as the sun sets.

Location Highlights of Lobo Camp

Lobo is one of the Serengeti's most stunning and secluded areas, offering an off-the-beaten-track safari experience away from the bustling tourist routes. This undiscovered part of the park is free from mass tourism, providing an intimate and peaceful encounter with nature. The region is characterized by its permanent water sources, which sustain a rich abundance of wildlife year-round.

The Lobo area, nestled in a pristine valley, is scattered with woodlands, open plains, rolling hills, and spectacular granite kopjes. These ancient rock formations, estimated to be 2-3 million years old, add to the remarkable beauty and solitude of the landscape.

Wildlife enthusiasts will find Lobo particularly rewarding for big cat sightings, with frequent opportunities to observe lions and leopards.

The best time to visit Lobo is between June and December, coinciding with the Great Wildebeest Migration as the herds move southward from the Serengeti Mara area back to the southeastern plains. Even outside of the migration season, Lobo offers plenty of wildlife encounters, hosting much of the park's elephant population and several large lion prides.

In Lobo, you can enjoy the true essence of safari in an unspoiled, tranquil setting. This hidden gem allows you to experience the Serengeti's incredible wildlife and landscapes in complete privacy, far from the crowded tourist areas.

Key Highlights

Secluded and off-the-beaten-track safari experience
Undiscovered part of the park free from mass tourism
Rich abundance of wildlife sustained by permanent water sources
Spectacular granite kopjes and ancient rock formations
Exceptional big cat sightings, especially lions and leopards

How to include Lobo in your itinerary

Tanzania Serengeti Lobo Safari

3-4 night stay in Lobo

Lobo Serengeti is an exceptional area to stay for 3-4 nights, offering numerous game loops to explore. Each day brings something new amidst diverse wildlife and landscapes, ensuring an exciting off-the-beaten-track safari experience where encounters with other vehicles are rare, allowing for a more intimate wildlife viewing experience. This region is renowned for its resident lion prides. Additionally, Lobo serves as a strategic location for witnessing the Great Migration, as thousands of wildebeest and zebras pass through between June and December.
Great Migration Serengeti

The Great Migration

Conveniently located about 2-3 hours from the Mara River in North Serengeti, Lobo allows for day trips to witness the annual river crossings between July and September. This breathtaking event showcases thousands of wildebeest and zebras on their epic annual trek, making it one of the most dramatic natural spectacles you'll ever witness. The crossing of the Mara River is the absolute apex of the great migration in Tanzania, renowned for the stunning and often heart-pounding moments captured in nature documentaries. After experiencing this spectacle, you can return to the tranquility of Lobo by evening, reflecting on the awe-inspiring sights of the day.
Kleins Gate Serengeti

Lobo's Ideal Gateway

For those planning to visit Lake Natron, entering Serengeti via Klein's Gate offers the best route. Lobo's strategic location makes it the ideal base to explore this stunning region, offering convenient access to both Lake Natron and the Serengeti's northern wonders. Combining Lake Natron with a stay in Lobo provides an extraordinary off-the-beaten-track experience, where you can immerse yourself in remote landscapes and wildlife encounters away from the crowds.
Tanzania Safari Holiday Tanzania

Getting to Lobo Serengeti

By Road: To reach Lobo Serengeti by road, you first enter Serengeti National Park via one of its gates:

  • Via Naabi Gate - approximately 3 hours' drive to Kimbilio Lobo
  • Via Klein's Gate - approximately 1 hour's drive to Kimbilio Lobo
  • Via Tabora B - approximately 3 hours' drive to Kimbilio Lobo

By Plane: Opt for a quick flight to Lobo Airstrip for a seamless and efficient journey to your safari adventure in Lobo Serengeti.

  • Lobo Airstrip - 30 minutes away to Kimbilio Lobo
Kimbilio Serengeti Camp Reviews

Serene Location

Nestled in Lobo, one of the most beautiful places in Serengeti, our camp provides a tranquil setting for an authentic safari experience.
Kimbilio Serengeti Camp Reviews


Families are welcome at our camp, with amenities tailored to accommodate children and a family tent available for larger groups.
Kimbilio Serengeti Camp Reviews

Minimizing footprint

We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact through sustainable practices, ensuring a responsible and eco-friendly stay.

Amenities & Facilities

Comfort glamping in the wild

10 guest tents with ensuite bathroom, flush toilet, wash basin and shower with running water.

Specious family tents

All ages are welcome, we love kids! The family tent can be set up for families with up to 4 children.

Full Board service

Breakfast, lunch and dinners are included and offer a wide choice of African and western dishes. We can cater for different diets. 

Wake up call

Good morning! Start your safari day with coffee grown on the foothills of Kilimanjaro

Solar power

Our camp utilizes solar power for electric lighting, water heating, and power generation, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly experience.

WIFI available

Connect while being disconnected.